“I’ve worked with Larry for over ten years as the leader of the internal audit team that oversaw a wide variety of internal audit engagements for various AEG properties including sports teams, arenas, construction projects and other entertainment-related companies. He and his team conducted a broad scope of reviews including internal controls, contract compliance, and operational procedures. Larry and his team provided excellent, value-added service in a constructive and cooperative manner.” 
D, Beckerman, COO/CFO AEG Worldwide

I have known Larry for over 14 years. Larry is an exceptional leader and has an extensive background in Finance and Audit Functions. His diverse industry experience and depth of knowledge across both operational and financial functions would make him an outstanding asset to any organization.”
C. Stewart, VP - Finance, Qwest 

Larry managed and performed internal audit services for us at a number of our operating units over the past five years. His approach to the work from the planning stage through execution was highly professional and consistent. His excellent communication skills and broad skill set enabled him to adapt quickly to our industry resulting in efficient work and solid business recommendations
R. Webking, CFO AEG Live

I have worked with Larry for over 10 years on various development projects. His industry knowledge and auditing capabilities have been an asset in verifying costs and identifying areas of overcharges on time and material and change order work.
K. Reiger, Senior VP, AEG

I have been a Purchasing Manager/ Vice-President for three major corporations over the past 40 years. I can state, without hesitation, that Larry is one of the most knowledgeable and thorough corporate auditors that I have ever worked with. He reviewed all audit exceptions directly, one-on-one, with fairness and reason. He was important and instrumental in establishing corporate policies to correct many problem areas. I know that Larry helped my career and would recommend him for any position in Finance or Audit.
S. Self---VP, Purchasing, The Anschutz Corporation (Retired)

Larry managed several internal audits of our operation for The Anschutz Corporation, while I was at the San Francisco Examiner. I found Larry's audits to be thorough, but his approach was also very proactive.

He saw his role as both one of oversight to insure our processes were sound but also provided guidance and advice on how we could operate more effective and efficient. 

I appreciated this approach very much and found it to be very unusual compared to prior audits I had experienced that were very sterile in nature. 

Larry would be a great financial asset for any prospective employer.
P. Brown
CFO San Francisco Examiner


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